Dr. Bahar Nia's Wellness Routine Begins With A Smile

By Ela Sathern | April 5, 2024

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Atlanta-based Dr. Bahar Nia shares her focus on healthy living through her profession, giving back and her go-to wellness routine.

Dr. Bahar Nia, a second-generation cosmetic dentist who inherited her passion for dentistry from her father, is dedicated to transforming smiles and helping her patients regain their confidence through beautiful and healthy teeth. Outside the Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry office, she continues to make a positive impact on the community. In her role as host of and on the planning committee for the Atlanta Human Society, Nia is gearing up for the annual fundraiser, the Bow Wow Brunch, on April 28, benefiting the noteworthy mission of this organization. Giving back to Atlanta has been an important part of her life, as she was raised with the mentality of paying it forward and sharing is caring. Speaking of caring, we focused our interview with the altruist on her wellness secrets when caring for both her patients and herself, and she kindly shared them with us.

What is your morning skincare routine that readies you for the workday?

Shower, face wash, eye serum and eye cream, face cream and daily face cream, sunscreen and makeup. My favorite skincare brands are La Mer and Clarins.

How does your office help give clients a sense of comfort?

A signature, exclusively custom-made scent that was designed by me, and two of the most important ingredients are white tea and thyme, as they have soothing and calming effects; Bose noise-canceling headphones in each treatment room; fresh floral arrangements throughout the office; freshly dry-cleaned lush blankets for patients to use if they want to feel cozy; peach- and mango-infused linen towelettes after the conclusion of the dental services; private-label mini water bottles for the patient to refresh; soft jazz background music; double TV on the ceiling and wall in all treatment rooms; and UV and HEPA air purifiers throughout the office and in all treatment rooms.

Are there any relaxing places you frequent in Atlanta?

St. Regis Spa for my weekly massages to keep my neck and back working.

How do you find the balance of maintaining your self-care routine with your busy work schedule?

I find balance in prioritizing two to three tasks at a time and allocating time and importance to these. Obviously, my family, work family and patients are always the first priorities, and other important aspects in my life, such as my social life and my philanthropic efforts, can be the third or fourth priority depending on what’s needed for that week to make sure all of these important aspects of my life are fully attended to.

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