EDITION's Editor-In-Chief Isoul Harris Talks Vision, Telling Your Truth, & More On ‘Disruption Now' Podcast

By Gabrielle Pharms | January 14, 2022

For two decades, EDITION’s Editor-In-Chief Isoul Harris has accrued a wealth of invaluable experience that’s inspired many in the creative world. Recently, Harris was interviewed by Rob Richardson on the Disruption Now podcast. As a guest on the podcast, Harris shares many words of wisdom, including the importance of knowing your worth (“Never be afraid to ask for what you are worth”) and never settling for less (“Don’t be married to titles. I would not be here where I’m at right now if I was married or attached to titles.”)

Harris has extensive expertise across multiple creative niches, from fulfilling award-winning journalist roles to later becoming the EIC of UPTOWN Magazine. At UPTOWN, Harris boosted the publication’s mission covering everything from philanthropy to high fashion and celebrities within the affluent Black community. Undoubtedly, his impressive credentials and prowess have aided in his unique vision for EDITION. Harris tells Richardson, “I envision EDITION as a platform where people of color can come together and really have the support and the resources to create and be on the same playing field as their mainstream counterparts.”

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So, what’s Harris’ mantra when it comes to achieving success? Just go. About twenty years ago, Harris bought a coffee table book by Gianni Versace. Versace penned this quote in the book: “The important thing is to go.” This statement had a profound impact on Harris. “That always stood out to me, and as I got older, I realized why it’s so important. It’s because it really is just that. We use another term for it, ‘You need to show up.’ The important thing is to go,” Harris says. “You don’t have to have everything figured out. You don’t have to have everything perfect. You don’t have to have everything in your arsenal…just go. I guarantee you everything will work out better than you ever imagine.”

The theme of the next issue of EDITION is the Next Wave. Harris states, “It’s all about people who are doing something that’s innovative…it’s young, old, it’s everyone. No matter the age, it’s people who are doing really fantastic things in their space.” Without unveiling any more spoilers, listen to the inspiring interview with Harris below.