EDITION's Editor-in-Chief Isoul Harris Shares the Top Luxury Trends of 2022

By Gabrielle Pharms | February 4, 2022

As a leading voice in the luxury space, EDITION’s Editor-in-Chief Isoul Harris’ insight into future trends is invaluable. Recently, Felicia Palmer of SOHH presents the BKON interviewed Harris as part of the outlet’s series on Black creators and innovators. Regarding the luxury world, Harris says, “Historically, we’ve been left out of this space, even though, as people of color, we’re the top consumers in the world and also the top creators.” So, through this enlightening interview, viewers are informed of the top five luxury trends via the perspective of Harris.

The vision behind EDITION is for readers to access attainable luxury. “JAY-Z and Roc Nation have created this aspirational lifestyle and this example of aspiration that people can participate in this space,” Harris states. “You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to participate in luxury – and that’s what we want to do with EDITION. We’re changing the paradigm of what luxury really is.”

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Getting deeper into the conversation, Harris talks about the debut issue. Even though ‘Insecure’ star Issa Rae graced the cover, Harris says the focus is on how celebrities use their influence to give back to the community. He explains, “EDITION is not about celebrity…it’s really about contribution. It’s about what are you doing with celebrity? What are you doing to give back to the community? Your legacy is who you bring along with you – and who’s going to remember you when you’re gone? Harris then highlights Rae’s mindset of paying it forward along with the legacy left behind by the late Virgil Abloh, who helped pave the way for aspiring talent.

After discussing EDITION’s mission, Harris reveals his forecast of the top trends in luxury for 2022:

  1. Watches - Harris states, “There’s nothing that denotes luxury more than a collectible watch. If you are able to get a vintage watch, hold on to it. It’s an investment piece.”
  2. Vintage clothing - “If you buy a vintage whatever the name might be, it’s probably going to be better than a lot of these fast fashion brands.” Harris recommends searching online for vintage pieces, such as TheRealReal.
  3. Home investment - Since many people aren’t too comfortable with traveling just yet, a key trend Harris notes is investing in your abode. “People are making what they call ‘meditation rooms’ because with all the time now, people have spent with it themselves and being more centered. They’re building meditation rooms with crystals.”
  4. Real estate investment - Harris mentions the affordability of Costa Rica and that it’s quickly becoming a “hotspot” for building second homes.
  5. Art and NFT investment - “If you think it’s out of your range or out of your reach, it’s not. There are ways to invest in art that people aren’t really thinking about,” Harris mentions. For example, he recommends starting an art club with your friends to contribute $500 each. Then, with that group contribution, you can buy a brand-new artist’s work and share the painting amongst your friends. He adds, “It’s not only a way to enjoy good art but also to make a future and create generational wealth.”

Ready to get inspired? View the full interview below.