World Boss Flow: Lancey Foux Talks 'BACK2DATRAP' Mixtape

By Bianca Gracie | December 6, 2023

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Photographed by Garrett Bruce
Photographed by Garrett Bruce

London’s Lancey Foux dons many hats: rapper (he recently dropped his mixtape BACK2DATRAP), singer, songwriter, producer and model.

We’re seeing more of this union between U.K. and U.S. rap.

People don’t know that there’s always been a connection, especially between London and New York specifically. Like [rap duo] S.A.S. and Dipset, Rodney P. of London Posse and, obviously, Slick Rick. But when it comes to mainstream music, everybody acts like it’s the first time ever. But if you really know music, especially rap, it’s been happening. And even outside of rap. David Bowie spent a lot of time in America working with U.S. artists. There’s always been mutual respect between the two countries because we’re so similar. It’s only the accent that separates us.

I’m one of the first artists from the U.K. of my era to be performing in American festivals and touring in the U.S. consistently. I think Skepta and A$AP Rocky were the peak, where two artists from both sides could make an actual hit. Not just link up and be friends and admire each other, but actually make a hit, which I think is just super possible if it’s the right relationship.

Photographed by Garrett Bruce
Photographed by Garrett Bruce

I think rappers have long been the new rock stars.

We’ve definitely been rock stars for a while. Rock star doesn’t mean you make rock music. I think it’s just about energy and music. But a lot of music that’s coming out from people in my area is super high energy and high paced. It’s making people move. It’s emotional. I just think the difference now is that it’s just going to be more females spearheading, and I’m totally behind that. To me, Sexyy Red and GloRilla are rock stars.

What are some of the themes of this mixtape?

Just having fun. I really wanted to make music that was below the ribs and super abrasive. That’s how I felt a year and a half ago. I’m naturally quite shy so I don’t really go out and spend time with a lot of people if it’s not in my environment. After I made [last year’s Life in Hell] album, I just wanted to get uncomfortable. I went back to my roots as well musically, hence the name BACK2DATRAP. I grew up on a lot of Afrobeats, Vybz Kartel and obviously trap music. I wanted to make my version of that.

Lancey Foux backstage at Wireless Festival 2023 in London Photographed by Garrett Bruce
Lancey Foux backstage at Wireless Festival 2023 in London Photographed by Garrett Bruce

How does fashion inspire you?

Fashion is for myself. I’ll go to the studio dressed in an outfit. I know no one’s gonna see me. I’m not gonna take pictures, but I need to feel a certain way to make the type of song I want to make. If I’m feeling low, I’m gonna go to the studio wearing jogging bottoms and sandals. If I want to feel like a rock star, I’m gonna put all my chains and my leather jacket on. So when I’m in a booth, you’re gonna hear everything moving ahead, a little scratching, you’re gonna hear my chain shaking. It definitely plays a big part.

The other day, I was watching [a video of] Michael Jackson performing. I just kept watching his clothes. I was like, ‘There’s a reason he’s dressed like that to go onstage.’ Then I wore a blue jumper just to mimic that a bit because it’s how I felt. So it definitely dictates what type of mood I’m in or what type of music I’m going to make.

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Photography by: Garrett Bruce