Range Rover Takes Us Off-Roading On The Spanish Countryside

By Daniel Lee Hue | December 19, 2022


Driving through the countryside of Spain sounds like a travel experience reserved for a seasoned motorist, something only an expert driver would check off their bucket list. That is, unless you’re lucky enough to find yourself behind the wheel of a Range Rover Electric Hybrid. Land Rover
may have mastered the modern off-roading experience.

After a three-day program of all-terrain test driving through Madrid’s vibrant and storied streets, the 2023 Range Rover Sport and the new Electric Hybrid are solid options for any driver with a penchant for luxury travel both on and off the beaten path.

RangeRover_General_Lifestyle_0001.JPGExterior of The Madrid EDITION hotel with the new Range Rover Electric Hybrid


Land Rover’s three-day program started with a day to shake off the jetlag and settle into the comfortable accommodations of Madrid’s EDITION hotel. Having recently opened in April of this year, Madrid is one of the EDITION brand’s newest properties. Located near Puerta de Sol in the heart of the Spanish capital, one of the city’s most famous sites, a historic Spanish-style building is balanced by the chic contemporary interiors the brand is known for. True to Spanish tradition the highlight of the first night was an excellent late dinner at Jerónimo. The EDITION’s main floor restaurant that offers cuisine “anchored in Mexican gastronomy, while benefiting from incredible Spanish produce”.

Madrid’s countryside

DAY TWO: Countryside & Culture

Land Rover easied us into the adventure with a chauffeured drive to Finca Soto Mozanaque, roughly forty-five minutes outside Madrid's center. Upon arrival, we were greeted by an impressive fleet of shiny red new Range Rover Sport vehicles awaiting us for a post-lunch drive back in the new flagship V8 Twin Turbo. Our Land Rover Experts laid out the off-roading routes and rules followed by a Spanish style meal at the estate, owned by The Duke of Albuquerque, now functioning as a stud farm. A safe trek back through midday traffic was well rewarded with a special guided tour of the Prado Museum, including an exclusive behind-the-scenes viewing of the archives and restoration room. Spain’s national museum is often described as a museum of painters not of paintings due to the immense collections of work by Bosch, Titian, El Greco, Rubens, Velazquez and Goya, some numbering more than 100 works.

DAY THREE: Off-Roading

The true off-roading began on day three, leaving our hotel for an hour-and-a-half drive to the countryside obstacle course. Our scenic route commenced with a venture through Madrid’s winding mountains, just miles outside the city center reaching altitudes of up to 1600 kilometers. Land Rover set obstacles for us along the way to test the Autobiography P510e extended range and its electric hybrid engine. The P510e offers an electric range of up to 70 miles, which allows for zero emissions for everyday journeys, backed up by gas engines for longer escapes. The new 2023 luxury sport also impresses aesthetically, with standout design features like 22’’ adjustable, heated and ventilated front seats, complete with massage function, and center console refrigeration for that emergency beverage.

Inside the EDITION Madrid

With a long list of other top-of-the-line features, it’s the various terrain settings available at the touch of a dial that makes any uphill, downhill, mud, rock or sand or sleet. With features even a driving novice can enjoy the full thrill of a real off-roading fantasy . The off-road course showcased the vehicle’s new Adaptive Off-Road Cruise Control– “an evolution of Land Rover capability that brings enhanced off-road performance”. The obstacle adventure concluded at the Land Rover’s Tech HUB at the Aldeallana country house. Here Land Rover displayed their top-of-the-line Range Rover SV Signature Suite, known for the 4-person configuration, with back seat flatbed , and the infamous champagne refrigerator.

The Land Rover Sport 2023 design features offer comfort and style while providing off-roading features that simplify the adventures of an all-terrain drive. From the experienced driver to the novice Range Rover Sport 2023 features ensure that anyone can confidently live their off-road fantasy. Madrid served as suitable backdrop driving routes included breathtaking views through the mountains, rolling countryside plains, and rocky hill terrain putting all performance features to test.

Photography by: all courtesy of brand