Ries Makes Travel Easier With Sustainable Bottles

By Amanda Vasquez | August 19, 2022

Ries The Essential bottle, ries-ries.com PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDRies The Essential bottle, ries-ries.com PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND'

Pouring (or spilling) products into a flimsy plastic bottle can be a frustrating process for people who want to travel with their self-care items. For those with textured and curly hair, packing their products can become even more of a burden.

Megan Graham, who spent years working in the beauty and fashion industries, experienced this inconvenience many times.

Thus, Graham launched Ries (@riesbeauty), a brand focusing on reusable recycled plastic travel containers.

“Our first product is The Essential. It’s the first fully reusable travel beauty bottle on the market,” Graham says. “It’s TSA-friendly at a maximum capacity of 3.4 ounces and can be adjusted to carry less. It’s silicone-free, dishwasher safe and comes prelabeled.”

On top of partnering with Sephora’s Accelerate program, Graham also works with Novi Connect, a company that “connects brands, manufacturers and suppliers to verify claims and help launch products faster.”

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“Novi is really doing the work to help brands create clean, sustainable products and packaging,” Graham says. “Working with the team allowed us to extend our research with raw materials experts and suppliers who are working to create those innovative sustainable materials.”

Graham explains that she wanted the Ries website to create transparency with the consumer. The site lists everything from where they manufacture their products, the materials they use, where they ship from and their sustainability goals.

In the future, Graham hopes to expand Ries by continuing to make beauty and travel a stress-free experience.

“Everything to come focuses on the relationship between beauty and travel,” she says. “We’re always thinking about how to take care while traveling and the freedoms that come with that feeling.”

Ries is now available on Sephora.com

Photography by: Courtesy of brand