Sergio Hudson Talks New Spring/Summer 2024 Collection & Having a Fashion Community

By Bianca Gracie | September 12, 2023

Designer_Sergio_Hudson_Celebrates_the_Debut_of_his_Spring_Summer_24_Collection_with_DIAGEO_and_Crown_Royal_in_New_York_City.jpgSergio Hudson Celebrates the Debut of his SS24 Collection with DIAGEO and Crown Royal Golden Apple in New York City. Photo by Jamel Martin of JMartinVisuals

Sergio Hudson is well-known and respected for crafting statement dresses and suits that are vividly hued and embrace a woman's curves. But for his latest spring/summer 2024 collection, the designer opted to take a moodier route. During his New York Fashion Week showing, the runway collection was a mix of clean silhouettes and a darker color palette that evoked '70s office wear. In true '70s fashion, there were also fun sequined pieces in various pops of colors (turquoise, orange and yellow) that could easily transition from the workplace to the dancefloor.

The inspiration behind the collection started with images of Tina Turner in the airport in the 70s. “Her look was clean and sharp and it made me want to offer a similar aesthetic to my clients,” stated Hudson. “Her look said, ‘this is the full Tina Turner effect, this is how I'm presenting myself to the world no matter where I’m going.’” Influencers, celebrities and fashionistas alike were all in attendance, including Coco Jones, Doechii, Jordyn Woods, Jackie Aina, Kimora Lee Simmons, Brent Faiyaz, Jenee Naylor and Quinta Brunson.

Following the show, Hudson and his fashionable crew flocked to the Alligator Pear for the official afterparty sponsored by DIAGEO and its brands. Featuring signature cocktails from Crown Royal, Baileys Chocolate Liqueur, and Seedlip, guests shimmied and toasted the night away as DJ BMARJ spun energetic mixes (a Beyoncé "Cuff It" and Nas "You Owe Me" mash-up was a party favorite) that reflected the vibrancy of Hudson's collection.

Ahead of the show, the designer spoke to EDITION backstage at Spring Studios about the collection's inspiration, amplifying women and the importance of designers supporting each other. See select runway images in the gallery below:

What was the inspiration behind this new collection?

Yes, it has much of a darker mood. I'm not in a bad mood, but I'm feeling more darker colors. Everybody's used to so many bright colors for me. So I think people are gonna be a little bit shocked at how dark the collection is, but there’s still pops of color there. I just went off the vibe of what I do with a lot of private clients. So it was really inspired by them. People like Savannah James, Cookie Johnson, Blake Lively and Keke Palmer are my great custom clients that just really support the brand. And then I took inspiration from the ‘70s, so there is a lot of ‘70s infusion in the collection.

I'm glad that we're straying away from minimalism and going back to the glitz and glam.

Yeah, I've never been a minimalist. I don't I don't get down with that.

You built your own community in this industry. These ladies are not just clients, they're more part of your inner circle. Can you talk about the importance of that?

Well, I really love women. And that's the base of it. My client, Vice President [Kamala Harris] just wore a custom suit for a Hip-Hop 50 event. I literally was on the phone with her the week before that saying, “You should wear this” because it's hard in her position. So I really cater to them. And I think they like that. And ll of them are just really sweet women who want to look great. And that's what I’m here for.

I’ve been speaking with a lot of Black designers recently and they all speak on how you all lean on each other and have that inclusive space. So I'd love to get your thoughts on that as well.

I mean, it's a must to cater to each other, to be honest. And when I say cater to, whatever they need, I'm there. Whatever I need, they are there. We have to be like that, because this industry is not made for us. So you have to make your own room and support each other.

Do you maybe feel like you're a big brother or mentor at this point?

Yeah, I definitely am. I think my skill set puts me in a [different] place because I actually make patterns and sew. I can do all of that on my own. So a lot of times I have to give them advice when a pattern maker or sample maker is trying to overcharge them. They'll call me [and ask], “Is this right?” So I have to be there. I just feel like it's my responsibility.

Whenever women, especially Black women, put on your clothes, they just radiate this confidence. So I would love to get your thoughts on the importance of having women feel their best selves.

Well, that comes from a deep place of love and I want them to feel that way. When you put intention into what you do, they feel that vibe and energy. And I'm glad they feel what I'm putting out.

I like that you remain so humble, even as your career continues to ascend.

I'm trying. I haven't quite mastered it yet. Month by month, day by day [things] change more and more. You can't really walk through events like you're used to and just be incognito. This Fashion Week is so different from the last one. The notoriety is there with Essence [magazine] cover and the Met Gala. That just changed the game a little bit for me.

You’ve been doing big things.

But I've never came to this [industry] to be a celebrity. I came into this to dress women and to have a successful business. I know some of that comes with it so I'm trying to adjust to that part.

I understand. You don't want to be too big-headed, but you also got to celebrate yourself.

I do. So I'm not that humble. (laughs) But I do want to walk the room and have people not stop me.

So looking towards after the show, what else are you working on for the rest of the year?

Next week, we're dropping a capsule collection that’s separate from this collection.

You’re giving off a very calm energy, which is great.

I am [calm]. My team is really good and they really worked it out. So I'm in a great place.

Photography by: designer image by Jamel Martin of JMartinVisuals; runesy images by inDigital