Latin Grammy Nominated Artist Nathy Peluso Partners with PlayStation on New Avant-Garde Electrónica Single & Visual “Emergencia”

By Olivia Johnson | February 18, 2022

Picture it: You’re sitting at the local bus stop when all of a sudden you experience a loud booming vibration. It gets louder and louder until suddenly you are transported to the virtual world of Horizon Forbidden West, where you are the central character Aloy of the Nora Tribe. This plotline is the thrilling setting of the masterpiece of Argentinian-Spanish singer-songwriter and rapper Nathy Peluso’s newest single, “Emergencia.”


The single is in collaboration with PlayStation and is inspired by the video game Horizon Forbidden West. The video is beautifully made and successfully transports you on an adventure with hypnotic beats and vivid imagery. Peluso, never the one to do things halfway, dresses the part as Aloy and leads listeners through an epic quest, with the central message of resilience in the face of adversity.

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From her look as Aloy to her vibrant red Raiden warrior-like suit, “Emergencia” showcases Peluso’s passion for taking risks and experimenting with her sound. The single was produced by Didi Gutman and ODDLIQUOR, with The Movement (LANDIA, Nicotine) taking the helm as the official video director. Peluso and The Movement used their inspiration from the game to idealize its protagonist Aloy and her fight to protect life on the planet and defend the people she loves. The stunning visuals from Horizon Forbidden West coupled with the creative vision from The Movement have made “Emergencia” a fantastic realization of the video game.

"With Aloy, I share above all that energy of overcoming, that bravery, and the strength she gives off when doing everything she does. The game is a constant state of emergency because the world is falling apart, and Aloy has to go to battle and fight to pull it through,” comments Peluso in a press statement.

Through her music, Peluso seeks to inspire the imagination and creativity in us all. The six-time Latin Grammy nominee’s musical versatility proves her prowess as a musician and worthiness as an icon. We anticipate hearing Peluso’s “Emergencia,” along with her other hits at this year’s Coachella. She also has plans for a U.S. tour with dates coming out soon.

Watch the visual for “Emergencia” above.

Photography by: Virgili Jubero